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PrimeFaces Lazy Loading DataTable for JSF2

March 28, 2012 4 comments

This post discusses the benefits of paginating and lazy-loading large datasets that are displayed to users as well as the benefits of leveraging 3rd party JSF2 UI component suites. I’ve developed a simple application to demonstrate the concept which you can download and run. It is a maven2 project which uses PrimeFaces, Spring Framework, Hibernate/JPA2, and Ehcache.

Often times your application must display a large data set to its users so they can operate on it. The users might need to create, update, and delete rows in this data set. The problem is these data sets are too large to display on a single web page in a friendly manner. If you tried to show all the data at once, the scroll bar on the web page would be longer than a freight train and the page would feel just as heavy.

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