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Paginating Lucene Search Results

February 10, 2010 1 comment

Most search results are returned to users in a paginated form. In other words, only X results are shown to the user on a single page and the user has a way to navigate to the next X results.

Let’s use Google as an example. By default, you are shown the first 10 best results matching your query. At the bottom of the page, there are numbered links representing the corresponding pages of the search results. Clicking on “3” gives you the 3rd page of results. With a page size of 10, the results shown are 21 -30.

Searching for “lucene” at Google, it responds with
“Results 1 – 10 of about 2,440,000 for lucene. (0.33 seconds)”

Imagine if Google did not use pagination and instead returned everything to you at once on a single page! That would be a very large page and take a very long time to load.

If you use Lucene, you too can present your search results in a paginated manner even though Lucene does not provide a direct way to do it in their API (2.4.1). Thanks to how Lucene is designed, it is very easy to implement.
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